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Reserve your spot for our upcoming Webinar!

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Shared by Jolanta • February 28, 2024

Join us as we talk through how you can unlock success through the UK Government Dental Recovery Plan

We're excited to invite you to an exclusive webinar tailored for Dentally users, where we'll unlock the secrets to success in light of the UK Government's Dental Recovery Plan.

Webinar Details

Unlock Success: A Deep Dive into the UK Government's Dental Recovery Plan

📆 Date: Wednesday 6 March

🕚 Time: 11.45 - 12:30

📍 Location: Zoom

Join us for this 45-minute session, where industry experts will guide you through:

  • A comprehensive overview of The Dental Recovery Plan
  • In-depth analysis of key changes, including adjustments to UDA bonuses
  • Exploration of opportunities, such as incentives for attracting new patients and the £20k one-off incentive fee for opening a practice in an underserved area
  • Impact of these changes on your practice and how Dentally's innovative software solutions will seamlessly support you

Additionally, we'll unveil upcoming developments designed to align with the Dental Recovery Plan changes.

Secure your place now to ensure you're well-prepared to navigate these changes and maximise your practice's potential.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our team today via Live Chat in Dentally.

See you there! 👋

Dentally Portal

Dentally Revolutionises Online Payments with Apple Pay Integration and Enhanced Checkout Experience

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Shared by Amber • February 26, 2024

Not only is Apple Pay now available as a new payment option for your patients through the Dentally Portal checkout process!

We have also worked on enhancing and optimising the entire checkout experience, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly platform for patients and practices alike.

Patients accessing Dentally Portal can now enjoy the convenience of Apple Pay for settling outstanding balances and paying appointment deposits. This addition offers a swift, secure, and hassle-free payment method right at their fingertips.

By incorporating Apple Pay, Dentally aims to streamline transactions and encourage more patients to book appointments conveniently through their mobile devices. What's more, Dentally offers full transparency and affordability as Stripe, our trusted payment processing partner, guarantees no additional charges for payments made via Apple Pay.

Whilst working on adding Apple Pay to our payment methods, we have collaborated with Stripe to implement a series of optimisations to the entire checkout process. These enhancements are meticulously crafted in the background of our app to simplify payment procedures, for a more intuitive and secure experience for patients.

With the introduction of a dedicated secure checkout domain,, patients are seamlessly directed during checkout to a safe and reliable payment environment, upholding the highest standards for data protection and security throughout every transaction.

Patients can expect nothing short of excellence in their dental care journey when you use Dentally. Please reach out to Ellie Bot and the support team with any questions you may have.

Dentally Portal

New Dentally Portal URL for Improved Customer Experience and Reinforced Trust

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Shared by Simon • February 22, 2024

Our latest enhancement to Dentally Portal is coming soon!

We want to introduce you to our new, industry-specific URL:

This transition is part of our ongoing commitment and dedication to enhancing the overall customer experience and solidifying trust in our online dental solutions. Practices already using Dentally Portal do not need to do anything to receive the benefits of this update once it goes live. Let's delve a little deeper into a few of the key features of this URL transition:

  • Industry-Specific URL: We wanted to make Dentally Portal instantly recognisable not only by our customers but also among your own patients. By introducing a URL specifically tailored to the dental industry, we can instil confidence in your patients when it comes to utilising the online tools accessible to them.
  • Enhanced SMS Communication: The adoption of the shorter URL promises to streamline communication channels, particularly through SMS. The reduced length of URLs allows for more concise and informative messages, ultimately enhancing the overall patient experience with Dentally's services.
  • Seamless Redirection: To ensure a smooth transition, visitors attempting to access the previous website will be automatically redirected to the new URL for the next year. This seamless redirection mitigates any inconvenience or disruption for customers, ensuring uninterrupted access to Dentally Portal.

This update aligns with our mission to create a more secure, efficient, and patient-focused online environment. By prioritising enhanced communication and user-centric solutions, Dentally can continue to set a high standard in dental healthcare technology.

Once this update goes live, it will happen automatically in the background and requires no additional action from you at the practice.

Have any questions? Reach out to Ellie Bot and the support team via Live Chat in Dentally.


February 2024 Changelog & Product Updates

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Shared by DentallyBot • February 06, 2024

Join us as we delve into the February 2024 product updates.

Bringing you a host of updates and features, from game-changing tools to user-friendly tweaks, we're here to make your experience smoother and simpler.

... or stay with us whilst we dive into a couple of this month's highlights! 💫🦷

🆕 Electronic Payments: American Express

Our electronic payment system has now been enhanced to also accept American Express cards for a patient to make a payment.

🆕 Dentally Portal - Exciting changes

The team for Dentally Portal are excited to announce some new changes including routine appointment action cards and a new dental specific URL to help boost patient confidence in Portal services.

Remember you can read the full changelog on our help centre here and you can always reach out to Ellie Bot and the support team with any questions or queries via Live Chat in Dentally.


January 2024 Changelog & Product Updates

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Shared by DentallyBot • January 29, 2024

Let’s kick off the new year with our first changelog of 2024!

Bringing you a host of updates and features, from game-changing tools to user-friendly tweaks, we're here to make your experience smoother and simpler.

... or stay with us whilst we dive into a few of this month's highlights! 💫🦷

🌟 Hover charting updates

Hover charting is enabled for new users by default and will now produce better treatment suggestions for all users as soon as you start charting. Discover more on our News Centre.

🌟Click to clear

Now when you make an error when charting you can simply click again to remove the item! This works for both base charted treatment or incomplete treatment plan items. Find out more

🌟Treatment list updates

Treatment items listed in the chart screen can now be ordered by treatment code or treatment name to help find your treatment. Meanwhile, your Favourite treatments can now be pinned to the top of your treatment list on the chart screen. Read more

🌟Schedules makeover

Our revamp of the schedules list screen makes it easier to see the practitioner's working schedules. If a practitioner has more than one schedule, these are now grouped together. We've also made all new schedules active by default. Visit the help centre to read more.

Remember you can read the full changelog on our help centre here and you can always reach out to Ellie Bot and the support team with any questions or queries via Live Chat in Dentally.

Dentally Portal

EXCLUSIVE DECADE OF DENTALLY OFFER, Unlock the power of Dentally Portal with Task Reminders! 🎁

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Shared by Dentally • January 29, 2024

2024 marks 10 years since the beginning of Dentally and we have an exclusive early offer just for you!

Hi there,

We are thrilled to be celebrating a decade of Dentally, and what better way to mark this milestone than by introducing exclusive offers for the people that have helped us get to where we are today!

For customers not currently utilising online forms and task reminders, we invite you to discover the benefits that await you with our first exclusive offer.

You can use Dentally Portals Online Signing for FREE until 1st April 2024!

Read more about this offer...

We want to help you enhance your practice efficiency and take your patient experience to the next level... so what better way to do this than with built in automatic task reminders!

Practices already using task reminders have seen a 2.7x increase in the number of forms completed by patients before their appointments. Helping save time in practice and offering a smoother journey for the patient.

Turn on Portal Forms and Task Reminders today and get this free until 1st April 2024!

The usual monthly fee will be zero until 1st April 2024. This means you could get up to three whole months completely FREE, alongside your normal SMS rate!

With our new self-serve system you can benefit from all the features of Dentally Portals Online Signing right now, it’s as easy as one, two, three!

  1. Click the button below.
  2. Click Activate Online Signing.
  3. Sit back and Relax...

Dentally will automatically start sending reminders to your patients who have outstanding forms the day after you activate your trial.

Once a patient completes a form this is instantly returned into Dentally in the corresponding location for you to view.

Want to learn more about Task Reminders and why you should be using them? Discover all you need to know to get started here.

For further training you can visit our dedicated help centre collection here. Alternatively, you can find a host of videos on our Dentally Training Hub with a full series of videos dedicated to showing you around the whole Dentally Portal Manage App.

Thank you for being a part of our journey to delivering the future of practice across the globe, here's to another decade of success!

T&C’s; By turning this on you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of purchasing Dentally Portal Online Signing, after the exclusive offer period you will be subject to the standard monthly charge for this feature, plus SMS charges. Read the full terms and conditions over on our website.

Dentally Vision

Dentally Visions NEW Offline Mode for Dental Imaging

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Shared by DentallyBot • January 10, 2024

Dentally Visions’ highly anticipated offline mode is now available!

This new feature allows dental professionals to continue to take patient images offline, giving you continuous access to crucial diagnostic tools even in times when internet connectivity is limited or unavailable. Visit our help centre for instructions on how to use Offline Mode with Dentally Vision.

This innovation not only helps enhance the flexibility of your daily workflows in surgery but also addresses challenges faced in remote areas or during emergency situations where a stable internet connection may not be readily available.

One of the key advantages of Dentally Vision's offline mode is its ability to sync seamlessly with the main Dentally app once internet access is restored.

Dentists can now enjoy the benefits of a truly flexible imaging solution, allowing you to provide top-notch care in diverse circumstances without compromising on the quality of care or the accessibility of the tools at your fingertips.

Dentally Vision's offline mode sets the standard of dental imaging, providing an invaluable asset for practitioners who wish to deliver exceptional patient care in any environment.

Not yet using Dentally Vision? Discover more over on our website

Dentally Vision

Image grading is now available in Dentally Vision! 

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Shared by DentallyBot • January 08, 2024

Dentally Vision’s latest update includes a user-friendly image grading feature!

This built in design enables a streamlined workflow making your imaging process even more convenient.

This innovative addition allows users to quickly and efficiently grade images as either ‘Acceptable’ or ‘Not Acceptable’ directly within the Dentally Vision app. Read more about how to do this over at our help centre here!

The grading feature is just the first step in continuing to provide a convenient and centralised platform for practitioners to capture, edit and evaluate the quality of captured images.

This functionality not only enhances your workflows but also ensures that you can easily identify and locate only the highest quality x-rays and images when assessing and planning future patient care.

But that’s not all! The ability to generate reports on image grading from Dentally Vision directly within the Dentally platform is coming soon!

We hope that Dentally Vision's new grading feature helps you streamline your internal processes in practice. Stay tuned for the inside scoop on Dentally Vision's upcoming grading report, promising even greater convenience and insights into your x-ray and imaging grading.

Ellie Bot and the support team are available via Live Chat in Dentally should you have any further questions.

Want to find out more about Dentally Vision? Discover more today!

Product Updates
Clinical Excellence

New Click to Clear: Dentally's quick deletion feature for charting bliss!

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Shared by DentallyBot • January 08, 2024

Say goodbye to the old days of having to click through base chart history or the treatment plan to delete an item.

With swifter charting in mind, you can now effortlessly delete a charted or base charted item with click-to-clear. Simply select the item in question, hover over it on the chart and click again to clear it.

The process is designed for seamless use. For unchanged or base-charted items, the deletion happens instantly with a click. If there have been changes since the item was charted, a confirmation prompt ensures no accidents happen, especially if notes have been added!

Items marked as complete will not be able to be removed in this way, the item would need to be marked as incomplete first before the deletion is possible. Giving you control over your charting process without the ability to undo work that has been carried out.

Rest assured, all charting changes, from initial recording to subsequent deletion, are diligently documented in the Patient Audit, ensuring transparency and accountability as always.

Experience the simplicity of Dentally's click-to-clear deletion tool today! Discover more about charting on our help centre here.


Dentally's 2023 Round-up – Recapping another year ready for 2024 🎉

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Shared by Amber • December 21, 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, and prepare to welcome in the new year – we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past 12 months.

In 2023 the team at Dentally, have continued to deliver brand new features as well as hundreds of enhancements across your software – so lets just take a quick look back at some of the notable highlights.

Starting at the beginning, back in early 2023 we released the... Clinical history side panel!

Your feedback helped us develop and implement this new feature. Allowing you to see the patient's complete treatment history no matter where you are on the patients record. Empowering users to make informed decisions and deliver the best possible care without the hassle of switching screens.

A big one for many of our practices was the introduction of... Task Notifications

Now, staying on top of your tasks is easier than ever, with the notification icon front and centre on every user's account. This enhancement is a testament to how valuable your feedback is to help make Dentally intuitive and efficient across every area of your practice.

Half-way through 2023 we saw the release of Dentally Vision!


This product has been a game-changer in the world of X-rays and imaging! Vision’s cutting-edge features, such as offline mode open new possibilities for streamlined workflows inside surgery, helping you save time whilst still delivering an exceptional patient experience.

With Dentally Vision you can say goodbye to limitations and hello to a future where your practice can reach its full potential.

We saw some big changes to Dentally Portal this year as well.

With efficiency at the forefront of our minds, our Dentally Portal saw a complete overhaul. We revamped the appearance and functionality, making it easier than ever to activate, navigate and use.

The Task Reminders feature in Dentally Portal takes care of the monotonous task of chasing forms. With its automatic messaging system, your patients can sign them electronically from home instead. Resulting in maximum impact with minimal effort from both you and your patients.

Performance charts let you keep track of how your patient are interacting with your online signing and online booking features, offering you insights that empower you to make informed decisions and drive your practice's success. All accessed directly from your Dentally Portal manage app.

More recently updates have been made to your Treatment Planning experience.

Phase 1 of these changes saw a redesign to our user interface, making button easier to find and giving your chart a more intuitive feel. Phase 2 sees some new feature introduced to help make your lives slightly easier when creating treatment plans.

The improvements made so far are just the beginning – there's more in store for 2024! Stay tuned as we shape the future of treatment planning to help support treatment acceptance.

And now as we look ahead to the new year, we also say Happy Birthday to us! 2024 marks Dentally's 10th anniversary, we have seen a whole decade of innovation, growth, and, most importantly, your unwavering support and feedback.

To celebrate this milestone, we have a series of exclusive offers lined up for you throughout the next 12 months! Keep an eye out for the present emoji 🎁 within your Dentally app – it's your key to unlocking exclusive deals and surprises throughout our anniversary year.

As we close the book on 2023, we want to express our gratitude for being part of creating the future in practice with Dentally. The last 10 years have been incredible, and we can't wait to make 2024 our biggest and most memorable year yet.

Thank you for your trust, feedback, and support, here's to another decade of Dentally excellence and the exciting adventures that lie ahead! 🥳✨